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Mike Ross & Rosanna Stall

Dear Peter (and hard working wife!):

July 21st 2008

Well, here I sit in Budapest working away in my retirement. I have been meaning to write a note to you, but had to settle in here first. What fun it was to deal with you. We interviewed a few agents. Our interview with you was short, to the point and courteous. We felt no pressure to list with you. Other agents seemed to want to become friends and one insisted that our house would “sell itself”. “Why then” I replied “would I need to pay you $32,000 commission?” When I followed up by asking what I would get for the $22,000 more in commission I would pay this agent rather than you, I was told that our relationship would not end upon the sale of the house. I must say I was wondering why not. However, apparently I would receive notification postcards reminding me to cancel BC Hydro, Telus etc.

Anyhow, you listed it at $30,000 more than the other agents said it should be listed for. It sold for $22,500 more than the other agents would have listed it for and $32,500 more than they said it would actually sell for. Your commission was $22,000 less. Let’s see now…….Hmmnn that would be just under $55,000 in my jeans and not in the jeans of a BMW driving North Shore Realtor®.

Well done Peter. And I must say that you have a devilishly good sense of humour when you let it out. I wish you and your lovely wife continued success.

All the best,

Mike Ross & Rosanna Stall

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