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Welcomed Commission Relief HOMEOWNERS! DISCOUNT REALTY when selling your property, only REVERSE ENGINEERED to avoid risk of Industry Backed Discount Commission Steering! List and Sell your property on MLS® with Peter for Top Dollar and without concession...
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DISCOUNT REALTY FOR HOMEBUYERS! Has your Realtor® written you a 60% Commission Rebate Cheque lately? NEVER? How about 50%? NOT EVEN? These WHOPPING and WELCOMED HappyHomeBuyer Realtor® Commission Rebates are CELEBRATED ROUTINELY by Peter Buchanan's Happy Clients...
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CELEBRATE a HappyHomeBuyer Realtor® Commission Rebate of 50% of my commission earned when representing you on your next property purchase of ANY competitor or developer MLS® listing! This amount rises to a WHOPPING 60% when you LIST SELL AND BUY with Peter! See Selling and Buying pages and Commission Calculator page for details...
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Commission Rebate Calculator

**60% Commission Rebate When you SELL and BUY
**60% COMMISSION REBATE calculated in RED based on sample Common Buyer Agent Commission earned by Peter on your final purchase price of ANY cooperating competitor or developer MLS® or off market property (less gst) AFTER Peter Lists and Sells your property on MLS® at Common Listing/Buyer Agent Combined Commission.

Common Listing/Buyer Agent Combined Commission
7% first $100,000/2.5% on balance of sale price

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Real estate agents caught on hidden camera breaking the law, steering buyers from low-commission homes

Real estate agents caught on hidden camera breaking the law, steering buyers from low-commission homes

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‘In addition to being illegal, the conduct undermines consumer protection,’ Ontario regulator says A CBC Marketplace investigation has found tha[...]
  • John & Carrie van Tuinen
    John & Carrie van Tuinen
    “My wife & I spoke with several Realtors® before putting our house on the market and decided to go with Peter Buchanan. In the current housing market we were confident that our house would sell fairly quickly so we didn’t see the need to pay the fees we would have paid had we used a […][...] read more
  • J. Werbes
    J. Werbes
    I just wanted to thank Peter for selling our home. Not only did Peter sell my elderly parents home a few years ago whom they had their full trust with as they found him to be very honest to deal with, but also received a higher price as other Realtors® were looking to discount the […][...] read more
  • Marianne Faucher
    Marianne Faucher
    “I enjoyed working with Peter to sell my home. He made the whole process very simple and he was very responsive to any questions or concerns around the sale of my home.I was amazed at how quickly my home sold. I saved over $17,000 in commissions by using the discount services of Peter compared to […][...] read more
  • Gordon, Debbie and Jacob Smart
    Gordon, Debbie and Jacob Smart
    We have known Peter for many years now – Peter has been instrumental in the sale and purchase of 2 of our homes. Peter has become like family with his loyalty, dedication, support and hard work. Peter works around the clock 24/7 to make himself available to answer questions via phone and email in a […][...] read more
  • Jim and Louise
    Jim and Louise
    We just want to say thanks for such a great job in both selling and buying our homes.Initially, we were concerned about level of service if we chose a 1% realty type of Realtor® so we went with a full commission Realtor® to start. But after 3 months of unsuccessfully trying to sell our home, […][...] read more
  • Linda and David Kingston
    Linda and David Kingston
    “We were very pleased with Peter’s services for both the purchase and sale of our property in Lynn Valley. Peter provided an accurate assessment of the property and market which was instrumental in having us both purchase the property and later to have a very quick sale. Peter also recommended all of the services, including […][...] read more
  • Trevor and Jodi
    Trevor and Jodi
    Hi Peter,Jodi and I wanted to send you a huge thank-you for selling our North Vancouver townhouse quickly and over the asking price! This alone covered your low commission and provided us with some much needed extra cash to cover the moving and renovation costs for our new home.You were always available to answer our […][...] read more
  • Murray and Hilary Edington
    Murray and Hilary Edington
    Thanks for your effort and guidance in our recent house purchase. We had just recently moved here from the UK and had our hands very full handling the sale of our UK house, schools, new job etc. You were able to guide us through the process of negotiation, lifting the subjects and completion more quickly […][...] read more
  • B & P. Dixon
    B & P. Dixon
    Peter Buchanan is a great agent at a great price !There is no reason for anyone to sell their house any other way unless for some reason they want to donate $ to the full price agents.We had been in touch with Peter for some years while we finally came to the decision to list […][...] read more
  • Ian Caesar
    Ian Caesar
    Peter Buchanan understands that informed sellers expect value to be dependent on cost AND quality of service. With competitors that have trouble differentiating their services, Peter competes directly with a value proposition that cannot be matched. He is accessible, responsive, flexible, honest and communicates clearly. I always felt he was servin[...] read more

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