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  • John & Carrie van Tuinen
    John & Carrie van Tuinen
    “My wife & I spoke with several Realtors® before putting our house on the market and decided to go with Peter Buchanan. In the current housing market we were confident that our house would sell fairly quickly so we didn’t see the need to pay the fees we would have paid had we used a full commission realtor. We are glad we got Peter to list our house as we still received the service we would expect from any realtor but for less than half the cost. Peter was very efficient and accomodating to our requests, the photo tour he organized of our house was amazing and definatley helped draw large numbers through the 2 open houses we held. Our house sold within a week for a little over asking so we couldn’t have been happier. We have no hesitation in recommending Peter to anyone looking for a realtor. John & Carrie van Tuinen Lynn Valley”
  • J. Werbes
    J. Werbes

    I just wanted to thank Peter for selling our home. Not only did Peter sell my elderly parents home a few years ago whom they had their full trust with as they found him to be very honest to deal with, but also received a higher price as other Realtors® were looking to discount the list price of their home. This left my parents with a higher sale price and a substantial savings with the commission.

    In December 2010 Peter sold our family home and again the sale price and commission savings were substantially higher then what we were told the house would sell for. I have always found Peter to be very honest and would highly recommend his services.

    J. Werbes

  • Marianne Faucher
    Marianne Faucher

    “I enjoyed working with Peter to sell my home. He made the whole process very simple and he was very responsive to any questions or concerns around the sale of my home.I was amazed at how quickly my home sold. I saved over $17,000 in commissions by using the discount services of Peter compared to other full commission Realtors®.I would highly recommend the real estate services of Peter Buchanan. Without a doubt, should I need a Realtor® in the future, I would contact Peter again.”

    Marianne Faucher

  • Gordon, Debbie and Jacob Smart
    Gordon, Debbie and Jacob Smart

    We have known Peter for many years now – Peter has been instrumental in the sale and purchase of 2 of our homes. Peter has become like family with his loyalty, dedication, support and hard work. Peter works around the clock 24/7 to make himself available to answer questions via phone and email in a prompt manner. We have such High Confidence in Peter’s ability. He is extremely knowledgeable in the Industry and keeps on top of all the Market conditions. Peter conducts all his business in a very Professional and Friendly manner – taking Great Care of his Clients Needs is his Top Priority. We will definitely be calling on Peter again in the Future with our next Endeavour. Thank you Peter for all your hard work and dedication. Great Job and Well Done !!! (Also would like to give his wife Gina a very special Thank You for all her Hard Work and Dedication).

    Gordon, Debbie and Jacob Smart

  • Jim and Louise
    Jim and Louise

    We just want to say thanks for such a great job in both selling and buying our homes.

    Initially, we were concerned about level of service if we chose a 1% realty type of Realtor® so we went with a full commission Realtor® to start. But after 3 months of unsuccessfully trying to sell our home, because of a pending assessment and deteriorating market conditions, we decided to take a chance with you, Peter. You stepped in and were able to overcome the obstacle of the pending assessment as well as saving us thousands of dollars on the excess commissions we would have paid.

    In addition, we had been looking for a new house for over a year and had never found exaclty what we wanted. But after our townhouse sold, we were suddenly under a crunch to find something fast before we had to move out. You helped us to be first in line to see a new listing, that although it was not where we had been looking, it perfectly suited all our other criteria. We loved the house the minute we saw it and with your networking contacts, you gave us the opportunity to make a successful offer that otherwise might not have happened.

    You may be a “less chat and all is rosy kind of person” than many realtors Peter, but you did exactly what we asked and needed to have done in a very short timeframe.

    Each and every day, we still comment on how beautiful we find the view and the peacefulness of our new surroundings. Thanks Peter for ‘getting the job done’ in selling our townhouse and more importantly, for finding our dream home.

    Jim and Louise

  • Linda and David Kingston
    Linda and David Kingston

    “We were very pleased with Peter’s services for both the purchase and sale of our property in Lynn Valley. Peter provided an accurate assessment of the property and market which was instrumental in having us both purchase the property and later to have a very quick sale. Peter also recommended all of the services, including notary and inspection, to help provide trouble free transactions.”

    Linda and David Kingston

  • Trevor and Jodi
    Trevor and Jodi

    Hi Peter,

    Jodi and I wanted to send you a huge thank-you for selling our North Vancouver townhouse quickly and over the asking price! This alone covered your low commission and provided us with some much needed extra cash to cover the moving and renovation costs for our new home.

    You were always available to answer our questions, put in more hours than seemed reasonable and communicated with potential buyers’ Realtors® to get the deal done in a very honest and professional manner! If it was not for your experience and great advice, we would have sold for less, paid more in fees and still been paying for the other costs associated with moving.

    We have been recommending you to our friends and colleagues and won’t hesitate to call you the next time we are planning on buying or selling. We can’t imagine why other sellers settle for higher commissions and lower quality of service.

    Thanks again,

    Trevor and Jodi (Alita & Araya)

  • Murray and Hilary Edington
    Murray and Hilary Edington

    Thanks for your effort and guidance in our recent house purchase. We had just recently moved here from the UK and had our hands very full handling the sale of our UK house, schools, new job etc. You were able to guide us through the process of negotiation, lifting the subjects and completion more quickly than we had been led to expect and you were able to set us up with an excellent inspector, notary and surveyor promptly and seamlessly at a very busy time for us. The rebate cheque was sufficient to pay off the majority of the property transfer tax. That’s a significant reduction in the overall cost of the buying process.

    We would not hesitate to recommend you to other prospective house buyers and will certainly use your services when we next come to sell and move house. It was very reassuring to have your experience and knowledge onside and you were very professional, thorough and attentive throughout – all that we would wish for in a significant transaction such as this. Please feel free to use our recommendation or put prospective clients in touch with us – long may you prosper and continue to offer your innovative service!

    Best regards,

    Murray and Hilary Edington

  • B & P. Dixon
    B & P. Dixon

    Peter Buchanan is a great agent at a great price !

    There is no reason for anyone to sell their house any other way unless for some reason they want to donate $ to the full price agents.

    We had been in touch with Peter for some years while we finally came to the decision to list our home. During this time he always was patient and took the time to answer my questions and keep me up to date on the market conditions in my area.

    When we did list he became a selling machine and what with the listings and pictures and ads and showings he had our home sold in a week for far above asking.

    And when we figure in his only 1% commission we are way ahead !

    He was a gentleman and very professional. We felt confident that we were in good hands and the results far exceeded our expectations.

    Well done Peter !

    B & P. Dixon 683 Roslyn

  • Ian Caesar
    Ian Caesar

    Peter Buchanan understands that informed sellers expect value to be dependent on cost AND quality of service. With competitors that have trouble differentiating their services, Peter competes directly with a value proposition that cannot be matched. He is accessible, responsive, flexible, honest and communicates clearly. I always felt he was serving my interests as a client.

    Ian Caesar (and Dave) 2911 Woodbine

  • Louise Roberts
    Louise Roberts

    “We were very pleased with the service we received from Peter Buchanan. He worked hard to get us a sale at a very good price, and was always helpful and approachable. We saved a huge amount in realtor fees and did not get any less service for it. We were in a tricky position having to sell our house within a year of buying it due to unforeseen circumstances, but Peter took all this in his stride. Thank you very much for a job well done!”

    Louise Roberts (572 Dolores)

  • Louse Henderson
    Louse Henderson

    I found Peter’s approach forthright and reassuring. The commission savings he passes on to you in both the sale, and purchase of your property is phenomenal. He was also able to secure a top-range price for my home and helped me to get a great deal on ,my purchase. I know I saved over $80,000!.

    Louse Henderson

  • Heather & Mark Thompson
    Heather & Mark Thompson

    Working with Peter was such a positive experience because he was so honest with each home we viewed together. He let us know the value of each home and always tried to remind us of the criteria that we had set for our house hunting. In such a desperate market, with the same buyers viewing the same homes, not once did we feel pressured to buy quickly. Rather he discussed with us the pros and cons of each home thoroughly and objectively, considering the actual value of the home. Peter was always available to us and once we found our dream home, he moved quickly, efficiently and professionally to negotiate on our behalf successfully. He was thorough with house inspection discussions to make sure all of the points were understood. On top of the quality service, the buyer’s rebate was a wonderful bonus that we get to enjoy as a family in the home we knew was out there for us!

    Heather & Mark Thompson

  • Lorna & Len Kenyon
    Lorna & Len Kenyon

    To whom it may concern,

    We had Peter Buchanan as our realtor to sell our house in West Vancouver. We heard of Peter by word of mouth from a very satisfied neighbour. Mr. Buchanan only charged l% commission. This was very reasonable considering the service provided. The property was well advertised and priced at a very acceptable amount. The realtors® fee of l% saved us approximately 62,000.00 in realtor’s fees. The house sold in l week for more than the listed price. Consequently we were very happy. I should also mention that Peter was very kind to my mother and treated her with respect and dignity concerning her family home of many years. I would highly recommend Mr. Buchanan as a great realtor. Peter Buchanan will help you keep alot of dollars in your wallet.


    Lorna & Len Kenyon

  • Maggie & Murat Ozen
    Maggie & Murat Ozen

    Dear Peter and Gina,

    We’ve been buy and sell few houses in North Vancouver in the past years, the reason why we decided to list with you this time is because of the BIG SAVINGS on commission, we paid $19,000 less for the commission and we are very happy that our house is finally sold for a very good price (we think it is good enough in this currrent market).

    Not only big savings on the commission, we are also very happy about your service, we could communicate easily by email & get in touch with you anytime we needed, you provided the exact same service as those Realtors® who charges for the full commssion, WHY we have to pay more to get the thing done in the same way?

    HEY! Get our house sold for what we want and big savings on commission, what more could we ask for?

    Thank you very much for your service and wish you all the best and continued success in the future!

    Maggie & Murat Ozen

    Roche Point Drive, North Vancouver

  • Mike Ross & Rosanna Stall
    Mike Ross & Rosanna Stall

    Dear Peter (and hard working wife!):

    July 21st 2008

    Well, here I sit in Budapest working away in my retirement. I have been meaning to write a note to you, but had to settle in here first. What fun it was to deal with you. We interviewed a few agents. Our interview with you was short, to the point and courteous. We felt no pressure to list with you. Other agents seemed to want to become friends and one insisted that our house would “sell itself”. “Why then” I replied “would I need to pay you $32,000 commission?” When I followed up by asking what I would get for the $22,000 more in commission I would pay this agent rather than you, I was told that our relationship would not end upon the sale of the house. I must say I was wondering why not. However, apparently I would receive notification postcards reminding me to cancel BC Hydro, Telus etc.

    Anyhow, you listed it at $30,000 more than the other agents said it should be listed for. It sold for $22,500 more than the other agents would have listed it for and $32,500 more than they said it would actually sell for. Your commission was $22,000 less. Let’s see now…….Hmmnn that would be just under $55,000 in my jeans and not in the jeans of a BMW driving North Shore Realtor®.

    Well done Peter. And I must say that you have a devilishly good sense of humour when you let it out. I wish you and your lovely wife continued success.

    All the best,

    Mike Ross & Rosanna Stall

  • Bruce Campbell
    Bruce Campbell

    Hi Peter, Val & I would just like to tell you how great it was to work with you on selling our Dollarton home. We had talked to other realtors, and were not impressed with either the estimates of what our home would fetch, or the attention we felt we would receive from them. You were a breath of fresh air in the crowded North Shore realty market. And, to top it all, you sold our house in only three days, and we got far more for it than we had been led to believe by other realtors. Thank you so much for your warmth and professionalism, and for doing a great job shaking up an industry that sorely needs it!

    Best regards,

    Bruce Campbell

  • Sharon Rubin
    Sharon Rubin

    Thank you once again for your hard work. We certainly think you’re awesome and would highly recommend you to anyone thinking of selling their home. Not only did you sell our home within 5 hours of the first open house, but you got us a price that was $25,000 more than what a full price realtor had indicated our house was worth and saved us over $15,000 in commission. I would never use anyone else to sell a home in North Vancouver.

    Sharon Rubin

    1818 Purcell Way, North Vancouver

  • Irene and Rick Morris
    Irene and Rick Morris

    Dear Peter,

    Rick and I would like to thank you for the competent and reassuring way you dealt with the sale of our house in a very timely manner .We felt so confident in your positive attitude, that it relieved us of what could have been a very stressful time.

    We have no hesitation in recommending you to anybody who is looking for an energetic, efficient Realtor®. We have already passed your name on to our friends and family. Discount Realty just makes sense. How nice to sell your house and save money too.

    With appreciation,

    Irene and Rick Morris

    North Vancouver 1290 Argyle Rd

  • Greg & Lori Burrows
    Greg & Lori Burrows

    Dear Peter:

    Greg and I want to express our thanks to you for an excellent job! We appreciate the hard work, effort and attention you gave us in the very quick sale of our home. The delivery on all promises made at the outset of both the purchase of one home and sale of the other was a refreshing experience.

    In what could have been a highly stressful situation, your absolute confidence and positive attitude made the sale of our home a painless experience. The fact that we were able put our home on the market in late November and close the deal early in December was the best Christmas present, EVER!!

    We would have no hesitation in highly recommending you to anyone looking for a real­estate agent. The quality of services was excellent!

    Thank you, Peter!


    Greg & Lori Burrows

    4656 Ramsay Rd, North Vancouver

  • Michelle and Chris McIntosh
    Michelle and Chris McIntosh

    Once again, thank you so much for making the buying and selling of our homes a virtually effortless process. You made the stress load pretty light for us. We know that we made the right decision in choosing you to represent us!

    Michelle and Chris McIntosh

  • Darlene C. Bayne
    Darlene C. Bayne

    Dear Peter Buchanan, Just a short note to say, “Thanks again for selling my house.” I still can’t believe you sold my home in such a short time. Great job!!!!

    Peter, you have revived my faith in the Real Estate Agent. It is encouraging to meet a Real Estate Agent who is genuinely dedicated to making a sale. Your enthusiasm and expertise paid off.

    I have told all my friends that you are a fantastic Agent and know that they will call you if and when they are selling or wanting to buy a home.

    I would also like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family all the best and to have a great holiday. You’ve certainly worked for it. “Happy New Year!!”


    Darlene C. Bayne

  • K. Kelly
    K. Kelly

    I wanted to take the opportunity to formally thank you for your work in selling our home in North Vancouver. I commend you for the exceptional hard work you put into marketing the home and obtaining the full price in a relatively short period of time. Your work ethic is exceptional and I am sure it had a lot to do with the outstanding results you obtained for the house. As you may or may not know, prior to listing with you I had two of North Vancouver?s top Realtors® value our home and both said they expected markedly lower prices than the price you finally achieved. On top of that of course, your lower servicing fees (without any lowering of the servicing given!) saved us significantly. Overall, I believe we ?saved? something in the range of $40,000 in after-tax dollars when you consider both the lower fees and the higher selling price. Given we are now purchasing in Sydney, Australia (at about double the cost of our last home unfortunately!) we need every dollar of that saving!

    I will not hesitate (and of course already have) to recommend your services highly to friends and family. Peter, continued good fortune to you in all your endeavors.

    Thanks again,

    K. Kelly

    North Vancouver, B.C.

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